Tour Just Got Softer

Q-STAR TOUR 3 Golf Ball

Tour Performance with Softer Feel

Get the power of a true tour ball, but play with a softer feel at impact. It’s all the performance you want, plus all the feel you never knew you could have.

Q-STAR TOUR 3 Golf Ball Core
Q-STAR TOUR 3 FastLayer

Distance + Softer Feel

With its graduated transition from soft inner core to firm outer edge, FastLayer behaves like a core with thousands of layers, giving you distance and softer feel without compromise.

Q-STAR TOUR’s soft FastLayer core is the largest in its class, so it’s the largest engine in its class. That means distance and short game spin like you’ve always seen on tour, but softer feel than you’ve ever seen on tour.

Q-STAR TOUR 3 FastLayer

Spin Revolutionized

SeRM is a proprietary golf ball coating that enhances spin at an atomic level. Its molecules are bonded using Moveable Cross-Links that work like microscopic pulleys and ropes, distributing loads evenly among the molecular chains that make up Q-STAR TOUR’s urethane cover. That even distribution of shearing force makes SeRM urethane incredibly elastic. So elastic, in fact, that it expands into your wedge and iron grooves at impact.

SeRM Molecule

That added bite increases friction on all your approach shots. And that extra friction means more spin and more control every time you hit into the green.

SeRM Molecule

Built For Distance

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