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Choose Performance Fitted For You with Srixon Women’s Golf Clubs

At Srixon, we are a global leader in golf equipment innovation and use our passion to develop high quality women’s golf clubs. Whether it is different shaft selections or head weights, our specialized technologies help compliment your swing. Srixon ensures that our women’s golf clubs are designed to meet your specific needs on the golf course. Srixon: Dedicated to improving your game.

Explore Srixon Women’s Golf Clubs

Discover the full line of Srixon Women’s woods and irons. Choose from different shaft options and performance boosting technologies to elevate your overall game.

Women's Woods
Srixon women’s metal woods deliver outstanding performance and come optimized for one thing: distance.

Srixon Women’s Z 355 Driver

For ladies looking for distance each and every time they step up to the tee, the Srixon Women’s Z 355 Driver is the ideal club for you. Action Mass Technology combines to deliver incredible consistency with maximum distance and forgiveness. This is achieved through a heavier head weight combined with an ultra-high balance point shaft. The 6-4 Ti Cup Face creates an even larger sweet spot for women seeking more yardage from the tee.

Srixon Women’s Z 355 Fairway Woods

The Women’s Z 355 Fairway Woods from Srixon, with Action Mass Technology, generates exceptional distance for ladies of all skill levels. The steel face cup creates a larger sweet spot for more consistent distance off the tee. With this face cup in the 3-wood, ladies can produce a higher launch and lower spin trajectory with maximum face flexibility. The shallower head design in the Women’s Z 355 Fairway Woods delivers a confidence-inspiring profile for any type of player with a deeper center of gravity, allowing for more shot versatility.

Srixon Women’s Z 355 Hybrids

The Srixon Women’s Z 355 Hybrid was developed for enhanced distance and playability. This is achieved through Srixon’s ground breaking Action Mass Technology, which positions more weight in the club head with a high balance point shaft to provide greater stability and transferable energy to the ball. The result: longer, straighter and consistent shots. An enhanced steel face cup and more playable profile promotes a higher launch in a look that suits women of all skill levels.

Women's Irons
When designing the latest model of Women’s Irons, Srixon set out with one main objective: consistency. Utilizing Srixon’s vast experience of developing high quality products, the Women’s Irons deliver the performance you come to expect when choosing Srixon.

Srixon Women’s Z 355 Irons

The Srixon Women’s Z 355 Irons, featuring Action Mass Technology, are designed to deliver exceptional distance and accuracy more often. Featuring a redesigned Tour V.T. Sole, the Women’s Z 355 Irons allow you to get through the turf with less resistance, ensuring that you can maintain club head speed through impact. With a two-piece construction in the 4-7 irons and a one-piece, softer steel construction in the 8-iron through Approach Wedge, the Women’s Z 355 Irons provides the optimized iron set for your game with more playability and versatility.

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